65-year-old Woman Arrested in NAIA for Bullet in her Bag

Another 65-year-old woman identified as Nelda Cacay was arrested by airport police right after the security screeners found a suspected bullet inside her bag.

On Friday night, security personnel and airport police of NAIA were dispatched to arrest Nelda Cacay for illegal possession of ammunition. The bullet was reportedly discovered by the screeners when the victim's bag passed through the advance x-ray machine.

The Office for Transportation Security suspervisor on duty ordered Nelda to remove the bullet and show it to the inspectors. During the inspection, it was confirmed that the object initially detected by the x-ray machine was indeed a live ammunition. Nelda was turned over to the Philippine National Police Aviation Security Group (PNP- AVSEGROUP) for interrogation.

65-year-old-woman-arrested-bullet-inside-her-bag.jpg, Jan 2022

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Nelda Cacay arrived at the airport to get the remains of her husband. The body was transported from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Due to the arrest, the 65-year-old victim was not able to retrieve the body on time.

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