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Most Effective Solution to Tanim-Bala in NAIA(aiport)

Most Effective Solution to Tanim-Bala in NAIA(aiport)

Passenger Julian Lance discovered the most effective solution to "Tanim-bala" modus in Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Do you know the most effective solution to the "Tanim-bala' problem at the airport? One passenger knows how to fix the issue.

Here's how he did it. 


Julian Lance proudly posted his own style of protecting his luggage against the bullet planting scam in NAIA. The traveler printed the face of Mayor Duterte with a message "Ipapakain ko sa inyo iyang bala".

His photos spread on social media like a wildfire earning thousands of likes in less than 24 hours. Several netizens mentioned that they would replicate the brialliant solution of Julian. Some OFWs claimed that they already printed a lot of posters bearing the face of Mayor Duterte with a similar.

In Julian's social media accounts, a short video clip documenting his entry to the airport is also available. 

The clever solution of Julian against the tanim-bala scam in NAIA apparently worked and effective since no bullet was detected when he entered NAIA and when he exited in Tacloban airport.

Julian Lance is a 2015 BS Mass Communications alumni from Far Eastern University and a cum laude graduate.

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