Max Mara Global Brand Expansion, Opens Pioneer Store In Manila, Philippines

Famous Italian fashion brand Max Mara expands its global market in Asia and opens its first store in Manila.

max-mara-store-manila-philippines.jpeg, Jul 2022

The luxury brand will attract Filipino shoppers as it launches their pioneer store right at the heart of a busy business zone. The store is located in the popular shopping mall, Greenbelt Makati, where high-end consumers oftenly choose to spend their extravagant shopping activities.

Within this area a 100-square meter fashion hall will display the luxury items of Max Mara bringing more value to shoppers since the space is just nearby to fine dining restaurants in the metro. Greenbelt mall is a perfect location to cater new customers because of the convenience that it could offer to mall goers.

max-mara-pioneer-store-greenbelt-makati.jpeg, Jul 2022

The store is expected to showcase its latest collections and design brands. ‘S Max Mara will will surely catch the attention of buyers.

max-mara-luxury-brand-in-manila.jpg, Jul 2022

Get into the vibes of this Italian luxury brand and get one item added into your collections. Head to the Max Mara, Greenbelt, Makati.

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