Driver Parked his Car in a Wrong Spot, You Wouldn’t Believe How the Citizens in Brazil Reacted to the Incident

In the Philippines, at any given time you will catch undisciplined car drivers who will simply park their cars to where they want to leave their vehicles. This is really irritating not just to other drivers who would also like to share the parking area but most importantly to the handicapped persons who will have greater disadvantage especially on occasions where they have to make use of the facility intended to them.

But just so you know, a very interesting incident in Brazil might positively influence the Philippine motorists. In the video below, a driver was spotted parking his car in the wrong place. If you wonder where’s the car I am talking about, that’s the blue thing you see in the video. The vehicle is covered by blue post-it and sticky note pads.

The citizens and activists groups in Brazil opted to place sticky notes which was most likely being done to leave a strong warning message to the driver that he parked in the zone for handicapped.

brazil-parked-car-wrong-spot-covered-post-it-notes.jpg, Jan 2022

Is the message clear? Well, you better watch the video. Hopefully you will not feel the same embarrassment just like this man who rushed into his car and drove immediately away from the scene.

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