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Boracay is 'disappointing' says LA times writer Catharine Hamm

Boracay is 'disappointing' says LA times writer Catharine Hamm

Boracay is 'disappointing' says LA times writer Catharine Hamm


Following the controversial novel of Dan Brown "Inferno" which depicts Manila as "Gates of Hell", Los Angeles Times writer Catherine Hamm on Sunday published an article saying that Boracay is "disappointing".

The LA Times writer visited Boracay last year. To her dismay she said that the place is "overcrowded and overdeveloped". She also noticed the roads which are "like pot-holed obstacle courses". The article contains a lot of negative scenes in Boracay including the “badly damaged” coral, the hawks and Philippine eagles on Crystal Cove that looked “bedraggled” and, most especially, the “parade of people” from tourists to merchants selling jewelry and massage services.

“It was all a bit overwhelming,” Hamm wrote. “And sad. Children were begging, the occasional mom with a baby and another child with hand outstretched.”

Do you think that Catharine Hamm made accurate descriptions of her experience in Boracay?

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