PO2 Jalandoni Bought Medicine for a Street Beggar Using his Own Money (Recalling 2015 Top Story)

Effort done by a police officer Jalandoni earns the respect of netizens | Viral photo of the cop hits the headlines

Today, we will present to you a heroic deed by a certain cop who decided to use his own money to buy an expensive medicine for an old street beggar in Manila. The vagrant allegedly didn't have enough cash to buy an anti-rabies drug but the police officer proactively offer monetary assistance to the old woman. Meet PO2 Jalandoni, the police officer who recently stunned the Filipino netizens with the unconditional help he offered to a street wanderer in Manila.

In the Facebook post of Celine Anne Giguera Hugo, a picture shows PO2 Jalandoni who was in the act of buying the medicine for the beggar amounting to P1,200. The photo also shows the humble officer, counting some bills which could have been used to purchase the expensive drug.

According to the post on Facebook, PO Jalandoni allegedly bought the required medication in a pharmacy inside San Lazaro Hospital compound last week. The caption of the picture also noted that the cop waited his turn and was in the queue before he was assisted by the attendant of the pharmacy.

po2-jalandoni-bought-medicine-street-beggar.jpg, Jan 2022

The viral photo of PO2 Jalandoni has been liked and shared by a thousand times. It has reached all possible corners on social media and was also featured on ABS-CBN's morning show "Umagang Kay Ganda".

We've been hearing so many bad news regarding the cops in the metro but PO2 Jalandoni exceeded our normal expectation. He manifested a heart that none of the other police officials can ever show. We salute this good samaritan! This cop made a difference. We hope that his behavior will radiate and influence other police officers in Metro Manila.

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