16-year-old Girl From Tagum City Went Missing For Months

Tagum City, Mindanao - A teenager who has a 2-month old baby allegedly went missing according to a certain post in Tagum job hiring 2022 Facebook group.

eloiza-nailgas-tagum-city.jpg, Jun 2022

The said post identified the 16-year-old girl as "Eloiza Nailgas" who was last seen in Lockdown bar, Tagum City last June 12, 2022. The author of the post mentioned that Eloiza went hiding for two months. The father of the missing teenager is currently the one taking care of Eloiza's baby.

missing-girl-tagum-city.JPG, Jun 2022


A netizen commented that Eloiza uploaded a Tiktok video yesterday using her own Facebook account which triggered a trail of different reactions.

Naa sya saiyang uyabb te . Sge rag myday saiyang uyab mag TikTok!
Hayss Sayraaa byy? Eleoiza Nailgas maluoy kas bata nmo uyy . Ayaw unaha ang mga dili importante saimong kinabuhi kanang lalaki makita rana puhon .. imong anak dapat imong atupagun ! Pagpaka inahan pd guro uyy ! As a brkada nmoo plss by ulia na imong pamilyaa. Dikay atupagun nang laki nmo .

missing-teenager-girl-tagum-city.JPG, Jun 2022

If anyone knows the whereabouts of the missing teenager, please contact #09657607196.

UPDATE#1: FB post of the teenager clarifies the issue.

eloiza-nailgas-post-clears-issue-regarding-phone-fb-blocked.jpg, Jun 2022


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