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Look:Girl in RapBeh Video Scandal is Claire Marielle Miralo

Look:Girl in RapBeh Video Scandal is Claire Marielle Miralo

For those who watched the RapBeh scandal, you might already be too familiar of Claire Marielle Miralo. The young and beautiful girl is currently in hot waters after the circulation of her private scandalous videos on social media. In the said footage, she is seen performing 0ral s3x with her alleged teenager boyfriend. The most shocking part of it is the instance when another male also had a sexual penetration to her.

Last weekend, #RapBehvideos is almost seen on every wall statuses listed on your Facebook news feeds. That's how popular the scandal in the online community surpassing the infamous Pagadian scandal footage which also spread like a wildfire early in November 2016. Of course, Claire Marielle is also the focus of forum discussions rather than the boy.

For those who've landed this page looking for the download link of RapBeh video scandal, we regret to inform you that no direct link is included in this post because we want to keep this website friendly and safe to internet users who are below 18 years old.

Nonetheless, you can read the entire article so you will have an idea of what is really the content of the viral videos of Claire Miralo or you can read the most recent viral video this November showing an irate customer who scolded a female Starbucks service crew.

Though the story of Rapbeh girl is quite different from the Starbucks scandal involving a gay customer, they both received the ire of the netizens on social media who firmly condemned their behaviors.


There were two parts of Claire Marielle Miralo scandal videos, the first one is way shorter than the second and it only last for a minute and 30 seconds. In the said video, this blog site described it as follows:

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The footage of the scandal shows a young couple doing their thing while being surrounded by other teenagers who took closeup pictures and videos of their sexual encounter.

It's harder to obtain a copy of the said videos since Facebook is quick in taking down those contents.

Latest Interesting viral video: Arrogant and Angry customer VIOLENTLY confronted a female Starbucks service crew

Since curious netizens want to have a copy of the clips, several people found an alternative solution by sharing it via personal IMs, thru Facebook closed or secret groups and other areas of the giant social networking site where it can't be easily spotted by the global administrators and moderators.

Part 2 of Rapbeh scandal video is a bit hard to explain but will try to summarize it in a way that you can have a full grasp of the settings.

The set up in the second video seems to be inside a hotel or motel since the ambiance including the look of the bed, size of the room, deemed lights, and other similar aspects of a hotel. Moreover, one noticeable part of the video is the point where the word "motel" is seen from the background while RapBeh girl was riding her boyfriend.

There were oral contact and other sexual positions that were done by the young couple.

Sad part of this story

According to a post of a girl claiming to be a friend of RapBeh girl, Claire Marielle allegedly ended her life after learning that her private videos were shared on the internet. She allegedly committed suicide due to the trauma and too much depression over the incident. The person who gave the information was identified as "Olma Maika". Here's the screenshot of the message.


LATEST NEWS(December 3 2016): Pretty Teenager Britanya Pritch Video scandal Leaked on Facebook

A few moments later, an alleged relative of Claire posted a message on Facebook refuting the claim of Olma. He made a firm stance about the false information directed to Claire. He also appealed to the netizens who has the shared video scandal in their possession to not upload it again to avoid further damage to the victim. They are also planning to have a legal battle against the people spreading the videos online. Having that said, multiple charges might be filed against those suspects once they are fully identified.


It's undeniable that going thru such matter requires a lot of courage to overcome the problem. We are glad to hear that Claire is alive and are being taken cared of by her relatives who plans to file charges against the people who spread the video scandal of Miralo.

In your own personal opinion, who's to blame in this case? Do you think that Rapbeh girl is just a victim like the other woman in the viral Pagadian video scandal? In both cases, will it be a good decision to hire a lawyer so they can file their complaints on the courts?

It's a fact that the fees of attorneys are so expensive and there are so many technical aspects that will have to be considered in putting up a legal battle against the suspects. Not to mention, the process of identifying the main suspects remains the biggest challenge for the case investigators. 

LATEST NEWS(December 3 2016): Pretty Teenager Britanya Pritch Video scandal Leaked on Facebook

So, what do you think is the best option for the family of the victims? Please share your insights using the comment box below. This is a very interesting topic to discuss. Your personal views are important so we can gather additional advice that will help others to appropriately remind their sisters and female relatives on what they can do to protect themselves from this type of scandalous incidents.

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