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Watch Out: Fake Doctor's Infamous Modus Operandi Targets Pharmacy Outlet in Parañaque (plus video)

Watch Out: Fake Doctor's Infamous Modus Operandi Targets Pharmacy Outlet in Parañaque (plus video)

Beware of this woman this Christmas holiday because she can get all of your money instantly. The fake doctor is allegedly  very notorious in most of the towns in Cavite, Alabang, Parañaque, and other parts of Metro Manila for her modus operandi targetting pharmacy outlets.

The suspect only identified as Dr. Cherrie was reportedly able to collect large amount of cash by subjecting her target victims to hypnotism. Under that condition, the doctor can allegedly control the victims and force them to follow whatever instructions she gives to them.

This professional thief is highly skilled in her craft. According to some netizens, she was also the primary suspect for a similar modus in Cavite.

The recent modus operandi of Dr. Cherrie in Parañaque

In the latest crime she committed in Parañaque city, a certain netizen named Lota Guinto Garcia described her ordeal after the suspect successfully emptied the cashier's drawer containing the sales of the pharmacy that Guinto is operating in Parañaque.

In a post on Facebook, Garcia warned the netizens to stay away from the fake doctor so they can avoid the risk of becoming her next victim. According to the pharmacy store owner, the woman went to the drug store outlet and introduced herself as a close friend of Garcia.

At first, the two sales ladies inside the pharmacy outlet were not suspicious about the real motives of the suspect since the woman was very nice and friendly.

Here's the full post of Lota Garcia.

I need your help friends. Paki share lang po sa lahat wall nyo lalo na sa mga taga south side ng manila. 
Kanina lang po ito, around 7-7:30 pm. Wala kaming lahat for a Sunday bonding, when my trusted PA for 6 years called my hubby to inform us na naloko daw sila ng babaeng ito. Nagpakilala daw po syang Doktora Cherrie na kaibigan ko- madam ang tawag sa akin. Pinapakuha ko daw ang mga bills ko na 50's at 100's na umabot sa 7,500. Papalitan daw nya ng buo. Kaibigan ko daw po itong manlolokong ito. Napaka bolera at matamis ang dila. Kumuha pa daw ng 4 bottles Dr. alvin toner, then naisama pa ang 2 ko pang PA para makuha ang bigay nyang lechon at pansit, sumakay pa sila ng jeep hangang sa pababain na lang nya ang 2 para mag commute pabalik sa store ko dahil kami na lang daw ang kukuha ng kapalit na 7,500 at foods. Nag pa blotter na po kami sa police station at ang sabi ng mga pulis, ilang beses na daw po nakulong ang babaeng ito na ang area ay paranaque, pasay at mga kalapit lugar. Mag ingat po ang lahat ng mga kaibigan kong may tindahan/ botika. Bukas aayusin ito ng mga anak ko para mailabas ang clear video. Pasalamat na lang ako at di nakapasok sa store ko. Kase sabi daw po ng mga pulis, di daw lumalakad na mag isa ang mag ito, parating may lookout. Salamat sa bayaw ko na me pasalubong na clear cctv camera. Salamat pa din po ke Lord kase nailabas ko na ang kaunti namin benta sa maghapon, kaya mga small bills na pang ang nakuha nya. Pasiktin natin sya, pero nahihiya pa kaya ang mga ganitong klaseng tao?

With the help of the raw CCTV footage, Garcia was able to produce a high definition photo of the suspect in the alleged orchestrated modus that occurred last weekend, November 13, 2016.

Have a closer look of the suspect and check if her face is familiar to you. Dr. Cherrie is reportedly seen in various places in Metro Manila. There's a high chance that she is roaming in your area, so you better prepare to take action whenever you encounter the suspect. However, do not confront the suspect without help from authorities because she is rumored to have a multiple lookout personnel whenever she is out on the streets.


In addition to the initial information provided by Garcia, she also had a separate post where an actual copy of the CCTV footage was included. Watch the video and observe how the woman executed the modus in Parañaque.

Eto na po ang nangyari..... 11/13/16 ; around 7-7:30 Pm Nagsimula sa tanong na "ilan ang bills mo sabi ni madam?".......sana makarating po ito sa kinauukulan lalo nasa mga tv news. 19 years of operation, ngayon lang may ganitong nangyari sa pharmacy ko.

Posted by Lota Guinto Garcia on Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meanwhile, enraged netizens want the authorities to work on the case and arrest the fake doctor who remains at large. Many internet users are helping Garcia to circulate the incident on social media.

Other victims of similar modus allegedly involving the same suspect surfaced on the internet who also want to place the woman behind bars. Some bloggers have already published this modus report hoping that they can help to accelerate the circulation of the information on the internet. 

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