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Karate Kid 2 Star Tamlyn Tomita loves Adobo

Karate Kid 2 Star Tamlyn Tomita loves Adobo

Karate Kid 2 Star Tamlyn Tomita loves Adobo


Hollywood actress Tamlyn Tomita, who is part Filipino, is set to join the hit TV series "True Blood." She starred as the leading lady in the popular 80's film "Karate Kid 2".

"I'm only a quarter. My mother is 'hapa,' she's Ilokano. She just made adobo last night. We bought everything, the sugar, the vinegar, the chicken. And the pork, too. People don't like pork except us Filipinos," she laughed.

The Japan-born actress came up in Hollywood when casting agencies were not yet as welcoming to Asian performers as they are now.

"Whatever we did, and also the foremothers and forefathers who came before me, what they did, how much more difficult it was. And now these young kids are starring in movies and it's wonderful. It's really, really gratifying and I'm glad to witness that," she said.

Tomita has also appeared in "The Joy Luck Club" and has a recurring role in "Glee." - ANC news

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