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Share Sweet Valentine's Day Greeting Using e-Card App of Facebook

Share Sweet Valentine's Day Greeting Using e-Card App of Facebook

Have you shared your sweetest greeting to your partner using Valentine's Day Card app of Facebook? If not yet, then you better read this article to obtain the steps in creating your own e-card.

Lovers all over the world are seen posting greeting cards this Valentine's day using e-cards on Facebook. The latest simple feature released by Facebook is an easy way to stay connected with your friends, family, and most specially your partner in life.

You can also express your love and affection to your special someone online by creating your own Valentine's Day Card using the recently launched app of Facebook. Sharing your thoughts using a variety of colorful photos from the application software has a similar impact when you buy a conventional Hallmark greeting card.

Simple Steps to Create Valentine's Day Cards Using Facebook App

Facebook randomly sent some invites to certain people asking them to try Valentine's Day Card app. If you are one of those lucky recipients, you will notice in a pinned post in your news feed about it.


For those who didn't receive the invitation yet, you can simply visit this URL.

Once you successfully loaded the app page, it will display a list of beautiful photo card covers. Select an image that you like to use. Once clicked, the enlarged version will be shown on the left hand side of the window.

After you picked the card cover image, click 'Share' button. You can add a personalize message as well before you hit post. Take note that the message won't be printed on the picture cover itself but it will be just like a normal post in your wall.

You can share your sweet message and the personalized Valentine day e-card directly to your friend's timeline.

There's a designated gallery or a collection set of Valentine Day cards in the Facebook application. However, this app is not designed to create a mega stylish greeting card. We just want to emphasize this limitation because this newest feature on Facebook isn't built to be an advance eletronic card.

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