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Robinsons Mall Sale "Baby Fair October 2016"

Robinsons Mall Sale "Baby Fair October 2016"

Robinsons Department Store is currently offering a super sale this October 2016 called Baby Fair where great deals and discounts are available to all moms who are on close look of their budgets. 

Aside from baby wears, a wide variety of baby accessories are also offered at a very low price in all Robinsons department store.

Isn't it amazing? Head to Robinsons mall now to avail of these promo!

Here are some of the important notes that you might want to note for this particular sale.

1. Double your Robisons rewards points when you do your shopping from 10am to 2pm on every Fridays of October(7,14,21,28)
2. Additional 10% discount is offered for all members who will buy goods for their babies on weekends
3. For a minimum single purchase worth P1,500 from the infant section of Robinsons department store, you will get a baby stroller organizer for only P349.75!

robinsons_mdepartment_store_l_sale_baby_fair_2016.jpgIf you missed the grandest Robinsons sale last weekend, this additional markdown sale on infant wears will surely make you happy this October.

Robinsons mall has a lot of early Christmas surprises! Continue to visit their mall outlets nationwide to avail their latest sale promo!

Also, you have to watch out for Robinsons Christmas sale 2016 which will be announced soon!

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