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Rayver Cruz dates Binibing Pilipinas 2013 Imee Schweighart?

Rayver Cruz dates Binibing Pilipinas 2013 Imee Schweighart?

Rayver Cruz dates Binibing Pilipinas 2013 Imee Schweighart?


Actor Rayver Cruz is recently linked to Binibing Pilipinas 2013 semi-finalist Imee Schweighart after a photo of the two, where they appeared to be sweet to each other, went viral online in the past week.

Cruz said he met Schweighart through Dianne Medina, the girlfriend of his brother Rodjun but he clarified that he is just sweet to all of his girl friends. Rayver also appealed to the public to stop spreading such rumors.

“Hang out lang talaga, magkaibigan lang kami ni Imee. Kaklaruhin ko ‘yan kasi kawawa naman, nadadamay na naman, nali-link na naman sa akin, sasabihin bagong girlfriend ko,” he said.

“Sanay na ako kasi siyempre pag may lumabas na pictures na ganyan, sasabihin agad girlfriend. Pero hindi, we’re just hanging out, we’re friends. Malambing kasi ako sa mga friends ko. Kung kay Maja (Salvador) nga malambing ako, kay Shaina (Magdayao). Kaya kong yakapin ang lahat. Sobrang dami kong kaibigan na babae,” he told

While saying there is nothing romantic going on between them, Cruz admitted that he finds Schweighart beautiful.

“Nagagandahan ako sa kanya, she’s really beautiful. Kahit naman sinong makakita ng litrato niya, sasabihing maganda siya. Beauty queen talaga. Sobrang bait niya, sobrang sweet, ang sarap niyang kausap sa edad niya. I think she’s 20 yata," he said.

Cruz’s last relationship was with actress Cristine Reyes. The two separated amicably late last year but it was only in January that they announced it. -ABS-CBN news

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