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Pagadian Scandal video Search Results Topped on Facebook

Pagadian Scandal video Search Results Topped on Facebook

Search for Pagadian scandal video is the top trend query on Facebook after several blogs published an article relating to the humiliating sex scandal allegedly involving four people who were indulging a carnal sin.

Different versions of Pagadian scandal were released online particularly on Facebook where millions of Filipino netizens are curious enough to view the controversial video. Thousands of searches hit the social media networks from users who only watched the shorter version of the clip.

The circulation of Pagadian scandal video originally started when an unidentified suspect uploaded a spliced version of the lewd content where a man and woman, along with gay friends, fulfilled their sexual fantasy in front of the camera. The four victims believed to be native residents of Pagadian city are seen in the video gamely doing the explicit encounter.

Numerous blogs have already released this story with one website telling that the victims have been appealing to the social media users to stop sharing the video. The victims allegedly realized that it has brought humiliation and other personal impact on their reputations after the Pagadian video spead like a wildfire on social networking sites.

Google search for "Pagadian Scandal video" returns relevant but limited results for the keywords that relate to the scandalous content. The video also hasn't been uploaded yet to adult websites.


Background of the Pagadian scandal story

After the initial release of the video, a longer version of it was posted on social media which runs for around 27 minutes. The said material captured the entire sexual scene of the man and woman.

The dialect used in the Pagadian scandal video is Bisaya, a popular language used in southern part of the Philippines. The gays at the background are heard providing instructions to the partners on bed.

What makes this video even popular is the funny side of it. Many netizens pointed out that the girl in the video is "so ugly" that they could not resist to laugh while watching the clip. It's also the cornerstone of memes that were created out of her facial features.

As of writing, Facebook is actively taking down the copies of the shared Pagadian scandal video. Having that said, there's a minimal possibility that you could peek the original version of the video.

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