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Mocha Girls treat to Steven Tyler, Red Panties as Souvenir

Mocha Girls treat to Steven Tyler, Red Panties as Souvenir

Mocha Girls treat to Steven Tyler, Red Panties as Souvenir

Mocha Uson and her sexy girl group Mocha Girls were among the lucky ones to be in the exclusive meet-and-greet with Steven Tyler before Aerosmith took the stage of the SM Mall of Asia Arena on Wednesday night.


"Steven asked the concert promoter if he could meet the Philippines' popular female group like the Spice Girls. The promoter then contacted us to meet Mr. Tyler," said Uson.

Mocha Uson said they chatted with Tyler for 15 minutes at the rocker's dressing room before the much-awaited concert of the U.S. rock band.

"He asked us if we already performed in US and we said, 'Yes. We just went to Las Vegas last March 27' and he said, 'Oh that's before my birthday.' We were the only Filipino artists to meet him before his show," she added.

Uson described Tyler as "sweet and humble."

"He's really nice. You won't feel that he is a rock icon because he is really cool and was really warm with us. It felt like you're just talking to a friend. He is really a nice guy compared to other artists who doesn't even know how to smile to their Pinoy fans. He's really down to earth, " she said.

The sexy singer also revealed that her group give Tyler a special present as a souvenir of the band's first visit to the Philippines.

"We gave him a warm welcome, a hello welcome to Manila and then we gave him our calendar and our red panties as souvenir," she said.

In her official Twitter account, Uson posted a photo of her group with Tyler.

"It's amaaaziinnggg!!! Steven Tyler!!" she gushed on Twitter. -- report from ABS-CBN news


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