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MMDA's letter to Dan Brown, Inferno to profit from "Gates of Hell"

MMDA's letter to Dan Brown, Inferno to profit from "Gates of Hell"

MMDA's letter to Dan Brown, Inferno to profit from "Gates of Hell"

filipinos-reacting-dan-brown-infernoA letter from MMDA chairman, Atty. Francis Tolentino, addressed to Dan Brown went viral on Facebook through the post of "Thinking Class of the Philippines".

The letter of MMDA acknowledged the works of Dan Brown "Inferno" as fiction but the MMDA chairman stressed that the author made inaccuracies in portraying the metropolis and very displeased to learn that Manila was described as "Gates of Hell."

The reactions of netizens are divided whether to support the much-anticipated work of Dan Brown or not. Some netizens are disappointed regarding the choice of words of the famous author. However, a couple of Filipinos urge others not to overreact on the said novel since it is just a fiction.

Here's the letter of MMDA to Dan Brown.


IamJammed.Net's take on this controversial Novel

Why Dan Brown chose Philippines and why Manila in particular? There are so many places that would fit Dan Brown's description especially in terms of sex industy-we have Thailand, in terms of "chaotic, suffocating pollution, and daily sexual abuse", India has it. But why Manila? Based on the recent research findings, Filipinos are emotional. Thus, it would help Dan Brown to easily hit the news headlines. Though it's a negative publicity but nonetheless it's still a publicity.

In just two days, Dan Brown would most likely benefit much on these overreactions of Filipinos. He will profit from "Gates of Hell" too. Dan Brown, explicitly elaborated the negative side of Manila (partially true and some aren't - of couse because it is a fiction) where some of his supporters come from. The elite students in the metro will definitely buy his work. So, again why Dan chose Manila, Philippines?

Simple answer--We can be easily bullied. China bullied us. Taiwan bullied us. Dan Brown did the same.

Our final words--We are fully aware that Dan Brown's "Inferno" contains accurate description of the city.

Filipinos, it is a challenge for us to change the dark side of our cities, not just Manila but all cities in the country.

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