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VIDEO: Violent Man Hurts Old Woman in Cubao Bus Terminal

VIDEO: Violent Man Hurts Old Woman in Cubao Bus Terminal

Video showing a man hitting and physically abusing an old woman inside a waiting area of a bus terminal in Araneta, Cubao

A certain passenger inside a waiting area of a certain bus terminal in Cubao, Quezon city witnessed a horrifying incident involving a man who violently attacked and hurt an old woman on May 21, 2015. The physical assault was captured on camera which is currently making the rounds on social media.


The man-believed to be the son of the elderly woman initially gave a tiger look to the senior citizen. According to the netizens, the young man was possibly giving a warning to the weak old lady. The woman, however, refused to follow his instructions prompting the man to violently attack the poor old woman.

Video has drawn mixed reactions from netizens

Some argued that the videographer should have called for help, while others believed that he/she could have interrupted the man by simply asking him some questions. The person behind the camera could have opted to pacify the man and to stop him from inflicting harm to the lady.

Meanwhile, some netizens are hunting the young man who wildly hit the old woman in Cubao bus terminal. According to them, the man should learn a lesson for what he did to the old lady. Several netizens wanted him to be arrested immediately.

Warning: The video that you are about to watch contains scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences. It shows mistreatment to an elderly woman. Parental guidance is advised.

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