Posted by IamJammed.Net on 01 Jun 2013

Jake Vargas scandal photos and video gone viral?

Jake Vargas scandal photos and video gone viral?

Jake Vargas scandal photos and video gone viral?


Netizens are reacting over the alleged photo scandal of Jake Vargas and an unknown girl. The photos are circulating in social networking sites and some local blog sites reported that even the scandalous video of Jake Vargas has gone viral.

One of the photo shows a "shirtless" Jake Vargas which we think is the reason on why netizens believe that Jake Vargas is fully naked. However, according to Philippine Daily Inquirer, there is no alarm nor some sort of scandalous acts were seen on either the circulated photos nor the video of Jake Vargas.

So, do you guys believe that Jake Vargas did something wrong based on the scandalous photos and videos which are making the rounds online?

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