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Ina Raymundo's First FHM Cover Wows Netizens

Ina Raymundo's First FHM Cover Wows Netizens

Ina Raymundo graces the cover of FHM magazine for the first time (November 2015 issue)

Stunning sexy actress Ina Raymundo is FHM's cover girl for its November 2015 issue. The former adult movie star proudly shows off her flawless skin. The cover receives compliments and praises from the netizens on social media.

Ina Raymundo's confirmation to become an FHM cover girl is one of the greatest achievements of the men's magazine. The staffs of FHM reportedly approached the actress several times since the early part of 2000. Another plan was discussed in 2010 and a couple more of meetings occurred since then. This year Ina Raymundo finally accepted the offer.


Ina mentioned that her first appearance on FHM magazine cover is her 40th birthday gift to herself. In a press release, Ina mentioned that she had a close collaboration with FHM editorial staffs. Her suggestion to have the photos in black and white was easily approved.

The November 2015 FHM cover of Ina Raymundo is now available in all book stores and news stands nationwide.

Raymundo left her showbiz career in 2000 and later got pregnant. She is currently enjoying with her five kids together with her Canadian-Ukrainian husband Brian Poturnak.

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