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Gunshot Killed 'John Prats' in Cebu City

Gunshot Killed 'John Prats' in Cebu City

Gunshot Killed 'John Prats' in Cebu City, Suspect on the Loose

An alleged fatal gunshot on 'John Prats' head caused his death in Cebu city. The news is currently making the rounds in social media including a photo of the 31-year-old famous TV host, dancer and comedian in the Philippine entertainment industry.

According to several news agencies, 'John Prats' was found dead inside a FUSO Fighter truck in Cebu city last Friday morning. The unidentified perpetrator allegedly pulled the trigger and stuck a bullet on his head. In a certain report, the driver of the vehicle identified as Gerry Navarro reported the killing incident to SPO1 Randy Chaves.


The news became viral in social media when a certain blogger published a misleading report of the incident. The amateur writer uploaded a photo of John Prats with a message "R.I.P #JohnPrats".

Though the news was legitimate, the blogger made an irresponsible move by posting the picture of John Prats. In response to the action of the said blogger, hundreds of furios netizens are requesting him to issue a public apology.

As of press time, the blogger who uploaded the photo is yet to respond the enraged fans and followers of John Prats.

Meanwhile, major news outlets published the following report to disprove that John Prats was killed in Cebu.

A truck helper died after he was shot by an unidentified assailant at Barangay Valladolid, Carcar City, Cebu Friday morning. The authorities identified the victim as a certain “John Prats” who was found dead inside the Fuso Fighter truck with plate number GVF 114. The victim sustained a gunshot wound on his head that led to his death. He was immediately brought to the Carcar City District Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Initial investigation showed that Gerry Navarro, 38, the driver of the truck, was about to inspect the vehicle when he saw the lifeless body of his companion at the driver’s seat. The police are still conducting a follow-up investigation to further identify the victim and the suspect. (PhilStar)

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