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Girl in Pangasinan Bathed in Boiling Oil, This Video Will Tear Your Heart!

Girl in Pangasinan Bathed in Boiling Oil, This Video Will Tear Your Heart!

Girl in Pangasinan Bathed in Boiling Oil, This Video Will Tear Your Heart!

How would you react if your own daughter bathed in extremely hot cooking oil?

A 5-year-old girl identified as Jandy Shane Casas Cereno bathed in boiling cooking oil last January 15, 2015. The unexpected incident happened while her mother, a fishball vendor, was busy selling in a certain road in Pangasinan.


The people behind a non-government organization called "Bayanihan Ed Mangaldan", which was founded by Arnel Yap Fabia, visited baby Jandy in Pangasinan Provincial Hospital last week. The team took a video which shows the young little kid who severely suffered from third-degree skin burns.

The videographer was completely shocked on the health condition of baby Jandy. The girl sustained extreme injuries around her neck down to the lower part of her body.

The primary reason of these generous and kindhearted individuals is to provide financial aid to Gina C. Cereno, the mother of the child. Gina mentioned in the video as well that he already ran out of budget and could no longer provide enough money to support the complete medical treatment of her daughter.

Watch the video showing the 5-year-old girl who bathed in boiling oil in Pangasinan.

The people behind "Bayanihan Ed Mangaldan" are now pushing their donation campaign for Jandy's hospitalization. If you wish to donate some amount, you may use the following bank account information or you may directly contact Gina Cereno.

Arnel Yap Fabia, Founder of Bayanihan Ed Mangaldan: Bank Account number - 7720062229 Contact number: +639164957449

Gina C. Cereno, mother of Jandy: Address-Nibaliw,Mangaldan,Pangasinan Contact number: +639096459097

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