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Look!Fruit Shake Girl a.k.a Panabo Girl Photo/Video Gone Viral Online

Look!Fruit Shake Girl a.k.a Panabo Girl Photo/Video Gone Viral Online

A very nice and beautiful girl from Panabo city captured the hearts of the netizens last weekend when someone uploaded a video of her in Youtube. The pretty girl is selling fruit shake at a certain night market in the city close to the President's hometown.

Netizens are flooding their Facebook statuses with hashtags #FruitShakeGirl and #PanaboGirl several hours after the video of the beautiful girl was shared in Youtube. Many internet users were captivated by her charming and sweet smile as well as her simple Filipina beauty.

The uploadeer of the video included a description of fruit shake girl's video that reads;

I saw a girl selling shake with simple face without make up, she looks pretty and young.

Upon watching the short video clip, you can easily notice her charming beauty. Men on the internet instantly got struck with this cute teenager selling smoothies in Panabo city.

Many were asking her full name or the school where is studying. Unfortunately, these information aren't available as of this time. There are no links to her identity nor a person who could provide such details.


One thing for sure, fruitshake girl will soon be identified when more bloggers are going to publish an article about her viral video and photo which are shared on social networking sites.

If you happen to distinguish this person or at least you know her first name, please leave a comment below so we can update this post immediately.

In the meantime, play the video below to watch the beautiful girl from Panabo city selling fruit shake to her happy customers who are mostly men.

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