Posted by IamJammed.Net on 04 Dec 2016

Look!Facebook Your Year In Review Function Allows You To Create Videos Instantly! Amazing!

Look!Facebook Your Year In Review Function Allows You To Create Videos Instantly! Amazing!

Facebook just released its Year In Review 2016 feature allowing millions of its users to create a video of themselves instantly! It requires minimal time and so easy to complete. 

The largest social networking website in the world surprisingly released an early year in review feature, a cool function that will surely catch the attention of its more than 1 billion users.

Internet users immediately checked back in to their Facebook accounts upon learning the year in review video. People from around the world literally went crazy of this feature.

Other websites have the similar functionality, however, Facebook year in review video creation is so simple that anyone can immediately complete their desired video clip!


It's also flexible and allows the user to choose the messages and photos that they want to include in their year 2016 video.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, is known for some great innovations that will connect family and friends all over the world. With the year in review 2016 video, each of the users on Facebook will have the option to update and provide a summary of their important moments with their family and friends. Isn't it amazing?

Go ahead and follow this link for you to create your own year in review video! Don't forget to share it to everyone so your online friends can see it!

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