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HOW:Simple Steps to Create Facebook Friends Day Video 2017, Quick Tutorial

HOW:Simple Steps to Create Facebook Friends Day Video 2017, Quick Tutorial

Viral friends day videos are occupying the top spot of Facebook news feed. Internet users all over the world enjoy sharing their sweet memories in a video that connects their interests to their online friends. Are you aware on how to create your own video?

There are few and simple steps to follow for you to build your personal friends day video. Though the steps are easy and straight forward, we are still including a brief tutorial to provide additional details of the process.

This quick tutorial is intended to non tech-savvy Facebook users who are facing difficulties in creating their videos.

Tutorial: How to Create Friends Day Video

With minimal clicks, you should be able to render a stunning video. Thanks to the software engineers behind this program who made it simple and easy to use.

Before you can start editing your friends day video, you first need to visit the official URL of the app. You can either see a button with a label asking you to "Request Video" or a screen that displays two controls (1)Edit Video and (2)Share Video buttons.

In the first scenario, you simply have to request for the video link. It may take up to 10 minutes or more depending on the volume of the requests in the queue. Sometimes it may just take a minute or two if you are lucky enough that the processing was quickly completed. You don't necessarily have to wait for the next prompt at this page. Facebook will automatically send you a notification once the video is ready for viewing.


Once you fully gain access to the link of #friendsday video, you can now choose to either (1)Edit or immediately (2)Share the video without any modification.

Option #1 is a function that allows you to change the content of the suggested video which is seen on the right side of your screen. You can browse and choose images from your Facebook albums or upload a new set of pictures that you prefer to be added in the video.When you are done updating your video, click "Share video" button. Next, you will define the audience whom you like to have view access of your friends day video then click "post".

These are the simple steps to create friends day video 2017. We hope that this short tutorial is helpful to anyone who is looking for guidance in customizing their video clips.

Log in to your Facebook account now and follow the instructions above to finalize your video. We suggest that you also include inspirational photos so you can motivate others to be successful in their professions.

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