Posted by IamJammed.Net on 11 Jun 2015

Embarrassing VIDEO: Filipino Divers in SEA Games Scored Zero

Embarrassing VIDEO: Filipino Divers in SEA Games Scored Zero

Two Filipino athletes who joined the Aquatics Diving 3-metre Finals at the Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) had a very embarrassing performance. OFWs who watched the competition were totally disappointed with the failed attempts of the Filipino divers.

John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo were initially seen with confidence and pride as they stood close to the edge of the springboard. However, the moment they went off the diving board, a not so good result silenced the cheering crowd.

A disgusting zero points were earned by the two Filipino divers after they both landed on the pool with their back hitting the water which splashed off the liquid to the judges. Their failed attempts happened on Dive 4 with a difficulty level of 3.


On social media, netizens are making fun of the video which contains the embarrassing performance of the two Filipino divers in SEA games competition. John David Pahoyo earned most of the negative criticisms because he was ranked 8th in the result while John Elmerson Fabriga was a 7th placer.

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