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EB Babe Yosh Sex Video Scandal with Wally Bayola

EB Babe Yosh Sex Video Scandal with Wally Bayola

EB Babe Yosh Sex Video Scandal with Wally Bayola

EB babe, Yosh, and the noontime show host-Wally Baloya, recorded a sex video which apparently went into the wrong hands. The leaked sex video of Yosh and Wally is a trending topic in Twitter and on Facebook pages. The sex video of the two celebrities was allegedly uploaded in Youtube on September 02, 2013.

The viral and trending sex video scandal of EB Babe dancer Yosh and Wally Bayola


In the 3-minute sex video, the sexy EB babe dancer had an intimate bed scene on top of a blue mattress. At the beginning of the sex video, Yosh was licking the upper body part of Bayola while the latter was seen pumping on her. It took them about two (2) minutes before the camera was moved into a different angle. At that point, the camera was directed straight into the lower part of Yosh where her juice drips out of her.

As of press time, the uploader of the sextape is not yet identified.

Many local celebrities were previously involved in a video sex scandal issue. Just last month, the sex video of Chito Miranda and girlfriend Neri Naig was also leaked online. Few years back, Maricar Reyes also had a sex video with the infamous doctor, Hayden Kho.

The Philippine showbiz is very different. Anyone will make a noise just to hit the headline news. A lot of public relations representatives create a buzz for publicity stunt. But having these type of celebrity sex videos being scattered on the web, would this bring any good to the local show business?

FYI: The 41-year-old Wally Bayola is married to a non-showbiz personality.


A lot of fans are missing the jokes of Wally Bayola but his manager, Malou Choa-Fagar, announced his leave of absence from the noontime show, following the sex video scandal that was leaked early this week. The comedian also chose to remain mum of his alleged sex scandal. Even EB Babe Yoshika Rivera also declined to comment the sex video as reported on the evening news '24 oras', Chika minute .

However, a news published by a mainstream tabloid-Abante-tonite, revealed the potential source of the leaked sex video. It said that sometime last week, the broken laptop of Yoshika was sent to a computer shop for repair. The author is somehow implicating that the computer technician could have been the source of the sex video when it said;

May kakilala kami kung saan ipinaayos ni Yosh ang naturang laptop pero ayaw niyang sabihin sa amin kung sino at kung itong nag-ayos nga ba ang nagkalat ng natu­rang video.

The article of Abante-tonite was somehow an attempt to make news since it presented vague and confusing claims. At the middle of the article, it mentioned;

Kung anu-anong kuwentong nakarating sa amin tungkol sa namagitan kina Wally at Yosh. Pawang tsismis lamang iyun at walang nagkumpirma sa amin kung totoo ito o hindi.

Despite the sex scandal, Rizza (wife of Wally) allegedly decided to stick with her controversial husband. The couple is also reportedly facing a big challenge in dealing their daughter, who is battling against cancer.

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