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Daiana Menezes raped and victim of violence?

Daiana Menezes raped and victim of violence?

Daiana Menezes raped and victim of violence?


Brazilian model Daiana Menezes posted several photos and mysterious and obscure messages about rape and violence against women on her instagram and twitter accounts.

On June 8, Daiana uploaded a photo with the caption: "The End," and later posted a photo which read "NO TO RAPE."


On Sunday, Menezes posted on her Instagram account a photo of wedding rings with the caption "#NOtoDomesticViolence #NOtoRape . Till death do us apart."


Menezes' subsequent posts included a photo of her arm with cuts and wounds.


She followed it with a picture saying: "Real Men Don't use Violence."


On Sunday night, Menezes again posted a photo saying "Stop Violence Against Women," but with a more alarming caption.


"Lord please I can't take this anymore, I'm all by myself here, prayers are much appreciated. But sa totoo lang THANK YOU PO LORD I'M STILL ALIVE."

Menezes replied to some of her followers, saying, "I dunno y Filipino men can be ... I have no words" and "exactly they should respect the pain it's not right to expose anymore its too Much to take."

Daina also posted an open letter which provides more details regarding the alleged abuse.

Last November, Menezes revealed that she's engaged to Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin "Benjo" Benaldo.

Before Benaldo, the Brazilian was previously engaged to TV director GB Sampedro before their controversial break up last year. - a report from ABS-CBN news

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