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Tarlac Girl Committed Suicide Due to Scandal Video in Hongkong

Tarlac Girl Committed Suicide Due to Scandal Video in Hongkong

Searching for the links of Tarlac girl scandal videos could be the reason why you are in this page. The viral footage shot in Hongkong is making rounds on social media and has earned millions of Youtube views, Facebook shares and likes in the past 24 hours. Because of the sudden popularity of Tarlac girl brought about the scandalous clips, the victim allegedly committed suicide.

Tarlac girl scandal is the most watched video online after it spread like wildfire on social media platforms like Facebook and adult websites. The lady in the video scandal is believed to be an Overseas Filipina Worker(OFW) employed in Hongkong as a housekeeper.

You might have seen trending hashtags from your news feeds in Facebook which include #TarlacGirlScandal, #HKScandal, #TarlacGirlVideo and many more. These key phrases are true and linked to the viral footage showing a busty Filipina who confidently pose for the camera of an amateur videographer.

Many internet users reuploaded copies of beautiful Tarlac girl. Though the woman is working as a plain domestic helper, she is gifted with fair skin and healthy body including her huge pair of breasts. You heard it right. Tarlac girl is not your ordinary girl. She looks so pretty in the video and her body is in perfect shape!

The trending video is making rounds on social media was allegedly shot in Hongkong but no one can confirm if the clip was also uploaded in that location or if it was posted from somewhere else in the world.

We quoted the article from to provide you a clear background and context of the Tarlac sex scandal video in Hongkong. 

There are three parts of the alleged Tarlac girl s3x scandal in Hongkong. The first video begings with very nice, wholesome and friendly conversation between the American guy and the Filipina domestic helper. The Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) shared her story and adventure in Hongkong as a housekeeper of an Indian family whilte the man continues to use his handheld camera to take some body shots of the beautiful Filipina.

The duration of the first video is roughly 5 minutes long. In the clip, you can easily observe the vernacular statements of Tarlac girl. Though the woman seems to be fluent and very confident in speaking English, she is constantly heard throwing some Tagalog phrases like "so mabaho ang mga Indiano".

You will notice that Tarlac girl has good looks and blessed with a flawless skin. At the beginning of the video, you can hardly imagine that this pretty woman would allow a foreigner to pin her down on the bed. She looks very charming and pretty. Her physical appearance and sex appeal is very classy.

As you continue roll the clip to watch the HK scandal video, especially at the middle part of the timeline, the man becomes aggressive and he demanded the girl to remove her upper clothing including her red bra. This is the start of some nasty bed romance between the two folks.

Towards the latter part of the video, the man is already seen licking the p#ssy of the OFW domestic helper.

Moving onto the second video, a viewer can immediately conclude that footage was taken from the same room, same location and all. In this video, the girl gave in and started to lick the crotch of the guy. Things went even hotter when the girl performed an oral s3x. The second video runs for a couple of minutes too which contains how Tarlac girl does a sensational blowjob.

The final video contains some of the hottest scenes. The Filipina let the man take her from behind. She pretty much like what the guy is doing to her since she is heard moaning like crazy. This video runs for over 5 minutes as well. The man is seen pounding her down.


We don't know if you can still obtain and download copies of Tarlac girl sex videos but we hope that our descriptions in this article gave you some awareness of the HK scandal. There are other reports substantially arguing this topic including the citation that Tarlac girl is Jennifer Laude, a transgender from Olonggapo who was killed by an American military. Unfortunately, this is not true. There is a close resemblance between Tarlac girl and Jennifer Laude but they are not the same person.

Take note that Tarlac girl is fluent in English and speaking her native language (Tagalog). She is heard saying, "so mabaho ang mga Indiano" in one of the viral videos.

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