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No Panty Day Celebration Hits the Social Media on June 22, 2014

No Panty Day Celebration Hits the Social Media on June 22, 2014

Have you ever heard of women going bottomless for 24 hours? How's the feeling of having no underwear? The women who participated the No Panty Day on June 22, 2014 have an idea of this but how about you?


A viral news hit the social media last week relating to the international celebration called 'No Panty Day 2014'. There's no underlying meaning to that. It's all about women who were encouraged not to have an underwear. Some of you might have violent reactions towards this disturbing and weird activity but please give us a few moments to discuss this topic.

Rumors were spread online that June 22 is the date of the said annual event. However, there has been no relevant information on the internet that could justify this claim. We've spent hours in searching the web but we failed to gather pertinent information that would prove this viral news. Some of the blogs speculated that the organizer of no panty day 2014 is the group behind the famous No Pants Subway Ride.

If you have any idea of No Panty Day 2014, please leave your comments below.

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